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The Code is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. The Code aims to reduce our carbon emissions and create homes that are more sustainable.
It is now mandatory for all new homes to be rated against the Code. Architecture:M can now offer this service.

The code is a set of sustainable design principles covering performance in 9 key areas:
• Energy & CO2 emissions;
• Water;
• Materials;
• Surface water run-off;
• Waste;
• Pollution;
• Health & well-being;
• Management;
• Ecology.

The code uses a rating system of 1-6 stars and involves a Design Stage Report and a Post Construction Report which is submitted to the Building Research Establishment to provide a final code certificate.

Formal code assessment of new-build dwellings can only be carried out by a suitably qualified, licensed and registered, Code Assessor.

Clients wishing to lead the field in sustainable development will want to have their developments assessed under the code as soon as possible in the project life cycle to achieve as high a code as possible.

At architecture:m we can offer Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment at different stages of the development project tailored to the client and project requirements:
• Pre-assessment reports for planning application guidance and submission;
• Pre-assessment reports, advice, and guidance at the design stage;
• Planning stage guidance where Code for Sustainable Homes is required as a planning condition;
• Registration of the development as a Code for Sustainable Homes development;
• Full design review and advice on the most appropriate code level achievement strategy for your development;
• Design team liaison to ensure knowledge develops along with the project;
• Guidance on achieving specific ratings;
• Design stage assessment of the project for interim certificate issue;
• Post-construction stage site visit inspection for final code certificate issue.
• Retro-fit design advice in relation to CSH target code level compliance

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Code for Sustainable Homes
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