RIBA Chartered Architects
The Environment

Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of precious natural resources & the continued health of our planet

As architects we recognise this responsibility as a global citizen and we are continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work that we do and the environment we create.

Architecture:m & the built environment
we are been registered with the Green Building Bible since opening and trained with the The Green Register. We understand that there is choice for materials, those that can be reused or recycled, those that can be replenished, and those that cannot be replaced or reused. We seek to minimise the energy usage of our buildings, both in the construction and use of the building.

Architecture:m & our Environment
we have a working environment where we look to minimise our energy requirements, working in a naturally ventilated space, using modern, energy efficient equipment. Our software enables us to use user friendly programmes for sending our drawings to people by electronic form and minimises the use of printers,and their associated paper and toners. Our transport policy encourages the use of cycles and public transport for attending work, and we use public transport wherever possible for site visits, if a car is required we rent cars by the hour from car pools.
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