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Churchgate, Stockport

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Architecture:m have submitted for Planning the re-development of 2-6 Churchgate by demolishing the exisiting building and constucting a new structure that respects and assimiliates with its surroundings.

The area, and this site particularly, is in desperate need of a new lease of life as the existing property consists of deteriorating retail and office space, lacking any architectural character or design merit.

The brief for the proposed scheme is to rejuvenate this site with the introduction of a building made of three storeys on the front facade of Churchgate and a further 2 storeys downward on the rear elevation, consisting of 22 apartments and 2 large units of commercial space.

A contemporary architectural solution has been requested, that not only aims to support the regeneration of the area with a fresh approach but at the same time is respectful to its immediate context in terms of scale, adhearing to the existing streetline and the existing building heights but also in terms of proportion and materiality.
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