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architecture:m chartered architects.

architecture:m is a growing, dynamic and creative architectural studio whose philosophy is to delight clients by delivering innovative and comprehensive design solutions.

design, being the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy, is achieved by fully understanding the client’s needs, being sympathetic to the environment and the guarantee that the most appropriate solution is reached.

architecture:m ensures that all aspects of the design process are meticulously and proficiently calculated. From our approach to planning to project management, contractor liaison to design development, the efficient collaboration of all these factors is crucial in ensuring that all parties involved within a scheme work in collective cohesion.
New Homes in the Green Belt & Country Side
We create bespoke homes that reflect your unique lifestyle and aspirations. From conceptualisation to realisation, we're dedicated to turning your vision into a timeless architectural masterpiece. We believe every new build house should be a blend of innovation, functionality, and beauty. Our team is committed to designing homes that not only meet your needs but also inspire and elevate your daily living. With a focus on sustainability and personalised solutions, we transform your vision into reality.
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Small Developments
architecture:m excels in designing extensions and refurbishments that enhance and rejuvenate residential spaces. Our bespoke solutions seamlessly blend the old with the new, creating harmonious and functional living environments. Whether you're expanding your home or revitalising existing spaces, we focus on your unique needs and style, delivering results that elevate your home's comfort and aesthetic appeal.
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Turning a House into a Home; Refurbish & Extend
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architecture:m has experience in designing small scale residential developments that combine innovative design with practical living solutions. Our expertise ensures that each project is thoughtfully planned and executed, creating cohesive communities that offer both aesthetic appeal and functional living spaces. From concept to completion, we focus on quality, sustainability, your vision, transforming spaces into vibrant and thriving residential areas.
Reuse, Reinvent, Refurbish; Conservation & Listed Buildings
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We have respect for historical integrity with innovative design, ensuring that each project preserves the unique character and heritage of these iconic structures. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of conservation principles, we breathe new life into historic properties, enhancing their functionality and cultural significance. We work on the foundations of trust and honour preserve the past while crafting a sustainable future for our cherished landmarks.