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Our Manchester Office is currently looking for a RIBA Part 1, RIBA Part 2 students or recently qualified architect.
We’re a young, small, award winning practice, just off Piccadilly Garden’s in Manchester City Centre, with a wide variety of work; retail, private residential, larger residential, bars, leisure and some commercial work.
We value our staff and enhance talent through both internal and external CPD’s and workshops believing that our employees are our most important asset.
Here at Architecture:m we are very proud of our projects and what we have achieved. Day to day we live by four key values that help us to continue to succeed and are at the heart of everything we do. This is our PACT, the values that seal the deal for Architecture:m....
Passionate: Believing in Architecture:m, and believing in ourselves. Loving what we do and being inspired to be the best we can be. Focussed and committed to giving our customers the experience they want.
Agile: Staying ahead of the pack, embracing change. Moving fast and grabbing opportunities with both hands. Being lean, effective and efficient.
Creative: Being unique, aspirational and always ‘Architecture:m’. Doing it our way, not being afraid to be different. Creative in thinking and design
Team: Listening and responding to create a place where everyone’s contribution is important and valued. Building success through people and sharing in it together. Remembering to have fun along the way.
What do we look for in an initial email looking for an interview;
    a good portfolio showing how you have developed over the past few years,
    a good mix of 2d plans,
    a technical cross section,
    a story about that explains your project.
    we want to see the design development,
    the context,
    an understanding of your design work.
Yes, 3D visuals look sexy, but, we’ve seen enough of them, contextual photomontages, showing your building in location would be great.
Computer skills are a must (we use Vectorworks on Macs, Sketchup, Microsoft Office, Photoshop and Indesign) but we do supply on the job training. A smart but relaxed attitude is needed.
Architecturem aims to be a caring and equal opportunities employer and their employment and recruitment policies are kept under review so as to reflect this.
We do keep our vacancies updated on a regular basis, so if there are no roles that you feel you are suited to at the moment, please come back to visit our careers page soon!
What we don't want to see is head shots, "stars" showing us how good you think you are on software... We do want to know you can use a computer, and do good drawings, but that will be shown in your portfolio and the ability to do a good layout, and please, no massive PDFs, or poor quality bitmaps
We want to see that you have hobbies and interests outside work, and we want to know that you can hold a conversation too,
So please send your CV and examples of work through to
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14 Fairfield Square,
M43 6AD
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