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Lakeside View Penistone

Artist studio & family home in the heart of Yorkshire
The client purchased a field with views overlooking Scout Dyke Reservoir and was told by several architects that obtaining planning permission for a family home would be impossible. Undeterred, we saw this as a challenge: “Could we design a house that planners would want to approve?” Our goal was to create a unique home that harmonized with the landscape, incorporating the client's skills and interests. The result is a truly organic design that serves as a focal point for walkers in the area. This home includes an artist's studio and educational facilities. Collaborating with sculptor Brian Proctor, we crafted a facade from local sandstone, inspired by the natural forms and shapes of the surrounding countryside. The completed formwork not only integrates into the building but also showcases local craftsmanship for visitors. The house is embedded into the ground and topped with a green roof, reducing its visual impact and creating a seamless connection with the environment. Additionally, a rainwater harvesting system is integrated into the surrounding greenery, filtering and storing water for use, further enhancing the building's sustainability and connection to nature
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